I, Gert Gambell know that my odds of winning lotto are one in many million. But I always like to play one line each week since you never know what the drawing lottery number might come up with in the coming weeks. I also ask my friends to follow the same strategy when they play lottery online. Why do I do that, you might ask?

Well, it is very simple as someone will surely turn into a winner, since winners are always chosen randomly. It could be that you win in your very first game or you could win after playing for 200 years. My belief is that luck should be given a chance. The cost of each line is very affordable and in contrast, the prize money is really out of this world. Anyway, you will win only if you play.

My strategy is to play every week and I shall do so forever. How we turn up in life and most things that happen to us are based purely on chance. We also call it Luck. Lotteries too are decided purely on chance.

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