Playing online lotto with MyPlusLotto is extremely simple and you can also play up to 50 weeks into the future to play your lotto games.

I normally play 50 weeks in advance at a time as it is very easy and this is simply 5 times better as compared to our state lotto. The Internet has made playing lotto very easy and competitive, and they can now compete with our state lottery.

Instructions on how to play lotto online.

Click here to play MyPlusLotto, even though their domain name is actually shorter. MyPlusLotto also treats all details of players with utmost secrecy.

First click on Join Now to register yourself.

Next, go to Choose Title, then fill in your first name with last name, and e-mail along with your phone number.

Next, enter your date of birth from the pull-down menu.

Next, choose your your username and password. Make sure that the password is longer than the minimum 4 characters so as to get enhanced security.

Next, pick your country from the pull-down menu.

Next, pick your currency. You can pay via US Dollars, Euros or Schweizer-francs. I pay with Euros, but it is just based on one’s personal taste.

Next, use the pull-down menu to choose your language with English being the default language.

Next come questions regarding security questions that pop up randomly for increased security. There will be preset questions asked that you can change for answers that only you have the knowledge of.

Question 1 is a preset question regarding your mother’s maiden name. Your Answer 1 should feed in that name for future use or you can also modify that question to another like What is the number of your petrol card, or What is your house door number, or What is the name of your dog, or any question whose answer is known only by you.

Question 2 is preset with your Place of Birth. You can either enter your place of birth in Answer 2 or again change the question like what is the brand of your 1st car, or what is the phone number of your buddy, or any other question whose answer is simply known to you. If a current member of the site has recommended your name then the last box can mention his/her username. If you wish to enter my username, ‘strimla’ then you are welcome to do so, although it is not compulsory to fill in that box.

After completing all details, then click on Continue. You will arrive at the Thank You page. Click on Go Ahead and Play.

You will arrive at the main page and can even start to play. But before beginning playing, you need to have money in your own account. Use your credit card to transfer in money easily into your account.

Click over Account on the right side of your computer.

Go to the heading Deposit and click on Credit/Debit card. You can now choose from Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard and fill in the requested details.

Enter your playing amount. If you wish to play for 10 weeks, then put 30 US Dollars or Euros or Swiss Francs into your account.

Then, click on Make a Deposit and your deposit is transferred in your account.

After that process, go to the 1st page.

Click on Go Lotto – Weekly Lotto. That’s the lottery that will turn you into a proud lottery ticket holder and maybe even a winner.

Click here to play at MyPlusLotto.