Change your lottery habits to play with MyPlusLotto, which is government controlled, and Die International Lotterie in Liechtenstein Stiftung which owns Liechtenstein Lotto is the charity foundation that donates all profits made to the Red Cross. So, each time you guess those lottery balls, you also end up donating money to the Red Cross.

Liechtenstein Lotto is simply superior to various other European lotteries simply because no other lotto has a guaranteed prize of 20 million EUROS.

Repayment to players is 60%. This amount is actually 50% more in the form of prizes as other lotteries simply keep the 60%.

You will be financially independent forever once you get hold of the large prizes offered by Liechtenstein Lotto. The prizes will get transferred in your account and you can then transfer it to i.e-Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG, one of the safest banks in this world. You get full banking secrecy and valuable investment advice so that your money keeps on growing even as you start enjoying a happy new life. This will help you to comfortably enjoy the rest of your life and is sure to benefit generations that follow.

Give luck a chance – play at least once every week. Winning would be wonderful but remember that you would still be doing a good deed even if do not win. Anyway, the foundation’s profits along with the proceeds garnered via ticket sales go directly to the Red Cross. When you compare this with other lotteries that just take 50% more of your own money and also bog you down under their monopoly then this lotto simply wins hands down.

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