State lottos simply give small prizes to winners while keeping a larger share of the money for themselves. They do not face any competition and hence keep on enjoying their monopoly, since the state itself is the gambling company and inspector. Although they earn profits for the state, it is the players that receive the short end of the lotto stick.

As only a small amount of money goes back as future winnings, even those that have succeeded in picking winning lottery numbers will receive low prize amounts. The winner with the winning numbers could also end up sharing the guaranteed one million Euro prize money with other winners. For players that have based their lotto strategies on playing every week, such low amounts as prizes will only lead to depression. Also, if you have won such a small jackpot recently then winning it for the 2nd time could be almost impossible. The jackpot should simply be extremely huge as well as guaranteed.

You can now visit any reputed lotto website and play some scintillating lotto over the Internet thanks to the EU or EES agreeement, to be precise.

To play lotto games in the USA or on some lotto sites in Europe, you will have to play through middlemen. This could be risky especially if your middleman were to simply walk away with your winnings worth 15 to 20 million Euros, or even more. Heed my lottery advice and keep away from middlemen. Also play only in the EU/EES where your prizes will be tax-free.

There are some really good lotteries that you can enjoy playing on the Internet such as Lucky Lotto. But after searching all over the Internet, I can easily conclude that by far, the best lotto is surely MyPlusLotto.

You can place your bets by using Euros, Swiss Francs or US Dollars. The guaranteed jackpot of 20 million Euros could be yours if your strategy on how to win the lotto works out. The huge 2nd prize of 2 million Euros is also huge.

MyPlusLotto does not require cheap tricks to look like an honest lotto. Your dreams will simply become true when you win the first prize. Your financial worries will evaporate in this life as well as for future generations. The 2 million Euro second prize could be yours if you guess 6 numbers right.

Even if you fail in picking lottery numbers that win, you would still have done a good deed as all profits are donated to the Red Cross and this money could certainly save precious lives.

In Liechtenstein lotto, the 2nd prize is still a mouth-watering 2 million Euros.

You could win the second prize if you guess 6 balls right but wrongly guess the extra number. You still win 2 million Euros and can expect to wildly live out your life without worrying about any financial difficutlies.