2 myths that do not work but are yet tried by most players are:

1-You can increase the chances of a win if you play with the same numbers every week.

Each lotto draw is subject to the exact same conditions and choosing a new line or playing on the same line every week will not change your chances. Since this is a game of chance, you can only turn into a lotto buster if you play with more lines and coupons. Many players still use this lottery strategy by playing with the same numbers every week and I too do the same simply as it is easy and practical to do so.

2-Computers or mathematicians can predict the winning numbers.

This again is just a myth as no lotto program or mathematician can predict the winning numbers as they are chosen randomly.

Instead of following those myths, let us look at how to play lotto sensibly.

Do players bet the same numbers in lotto?

Do players choose certain numbers more frequently instead of actually choosing only random numbers?

Yes, players do end up choosing certain combinations more often and the most common of them is 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. Even if you win on such a combination, you will hardly get any money as other winners too could have picked up that prize on the same combination of numbers.

The below-mentioned numbers too are over-represented and they start in a decreasing order with 21 being the most common:

21 9 27 3 8 15 17 28 22 16 10 33 26 11 4 5 14 7 29 2

For completely random numbers, just write them on scraps of paper before mixing them and drawing out a single number at a time. MyPlusLotto makes it even easier since you can get randomly generated lines simply at the press of a button. If you wish to play with separate numbers then just press the button again to get a new set of numbers.

Randomly numbered lines without the above numbers increase the chances of a solo win as hardly anyone else would have come up with the same combination.

Remember, to win lotto you need to play lotto.

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