Various Exciting Lotto Games offered by Top Lotto Website Oceanialotteries

If you are tired of spending precious time and money to pick up paper lotto tickets and need a convenient alternative with mammoth jackpots then just go online. However, care should be taken that you play online lotto only at a dependable website that provides fair play and delivers winnings.

One trusty website that offers exciting lotto games promoted by top Australian lottery exporters, TMS Global Services Pty Ltd and TMS New South Wales is You can sign up for free at this user-friendly website and get a free game along with Lotto Points for each new game that you play. You should note that US players are presently not allowed to play lotto at this website although players from most other countries are permitted.

Here are a few Lotto games that can be enjoyed at

OZ Lotto

This well-known game features 45 balls in a machine numbered 1 to 45 and you need to match the first 7 numbers out of 9 drawn to win the massive jackpot. You can also win prizes if your last 2 supplementary match. You can play this game as an individual, or within a syndicate that allows you to share prizes, or use the System option to boost chances of winning more money. A multi million jackpot prize is on offer at this lotto game.

Monday Lotto / Wednesday Lotto / Saturday Lotto
Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, and Saturday Lotto also sport 45 balls, but you need only 6 matching numbers to win the fabulous Million Dollar Jackpot. 2 additional matching numbers provide supplementary prizes. You can play this game as an individual or as part of a syndicate and can use the System method or Super Combo method to get closer to the jackpot prize.

The difference between Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, and Saturday Lotto is that draws are declared on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays respectively. The jackpot amounts too may differ in these games.


Powerball features 2 machines with 45 balls each. A standard game allows you to choose 5 numbers from one machine and a Powerball number from the second machine. So, you need 6 matching numbers to win the mouth-watering jackpot. This game too can be played in individual, syndicate, system, and super combo mode. In addition, you can use the Power 45 mode that automatically plays each possible powerball number.

The Pools

You can opt for a pleasant change from standard lotto games at when you play The Pools. This lotto variant is based on European and Australian soccer where you need to choose 6 numbers from the 38 displayed matches. The 6 matches that manage to gather the highest scores become winning numbers. Again, you can play as an individual or part of a syndicate and can use the system and super combo method to enhance your winnings.

$2 Jackpot Lottery / $5 Jackpot Lottery

These 2 exciting variants also offer fun and big winnings with rolling jackpots and minimum assured jackpot prizes to keep up the momentum level. These games are like raffle tickets where only a limited number of tickets are sold and the draw is held after all tickets are sold out. You can choose sequential or random numbers but cannot select the precise numbers.

So, why try any other website or persist with wasting time and money on local lotto vendors, when the best online lotto website is just a few clicks away. Just visit to enjoy these fabulous lottery games and take home millions of Australian Dollars while playing from the comfort of your home.