First Log in your account

Then click on Go lotto – weekly lotto.

You will have reached a page displaying a lotto coupon and many choices. Lines are priced at 3 Euros but you can also play with 3 dollars or 3 CHF.

How to do up your own lines

You can easily fill in your own lotto line or also up to 5 separate lines with 6 numbers and an extra number.

To choose the number of weeks to play in advance, just use the pull-down list from the menu. 1 week is the default week but you can easily choose up to 50 weeks to play into the future. After completing the changes in that pull-down list, you can observe the new cost.

Now, click on play.

You will now arrive at the thank you page or ticket confirmation page.

Since lotto is simply a game of chance, you cannot cheat the lottery by making winning lottery predictions or alter the odds of winning the lottery. You can only pick lottery numbers and hope that they turn into winning lotto numbers. When you play lottery online or any other online lotto game with the help of free lottery systems or free lotto software, you cannot hope to completely change the nature of your luck. Even the best lotto software cannot guarantee a 100% win. You should simply buy more coupons to increase the chances of winning. Ignore all other so-called lottery secrets or lottery strategies. If you bet on new numbers generated randomly each week or like me, bet on the same numbers each week, there is no difference in your chances of winning.

You could try an old fashioned trick of making a totally new random line by dropping small pieces of paper in a small bowl and “draw out lots”. However, at MyPlusLotto all you have to do to get a random new line in seconds is to simply click your mouse. Another trick on how to win lotto is to choose system play where numbers based on mathematical calculations can allow you play on a less number of coupons thereby boosting chances of success, albeit only if those chosen numbers go in. A click on your mouse will also allow you to choose readymade system plays at MyPlusLotto. You need not buy expensive lotto number winning systems or fill up many coupons manually.

To allow the computer to decide on random lines, just click on A, i.e. Automatic, on a single line or up to 5 different lines in your lotto coupon. You will thus get 6 lotto numbers and an extra number randomly generated on each line.

Click on “Play those numbers for __ draws” if you want to play ahead for specific weeks, after you pull the pull-down menu in your coupon. You can choose to play 50 weeks in advance, although the default week setting is 1 week. Once your changes are complete in the pull-down list, you will be able to view the new Total cost.

Now, click on Play

You will arrive at the thank you/Ticket Confirmation page.

To see the lotto coupons, click on View my tickets.

You can let the computer generate 2–100 coupons randomly for one week.

First make your mind up on how much you want to bet on and then click on the Quick Pick that has been played on by you.

Then, click on Quick Pick 2 – or any choice up to Quick Pick 100 for the number of lines that you want to bet in that same week. The price will be shown to you on your computer’s right side. 6 lotto numbers along with an extra number are randomly generated for each line. You will then arrive at the Ticket Confirmation/Thank You page.

To view your lotto coupons, just click on View my tickets.

Again, the computer can be allowed to randomly generate coupons; from 1 to 500 coupons for 1-50 weeks. In Random Tickets, specify number of lines (maximum 500) that you wish to play. You can specify the number of weeks by pulling down the pull-down menu (random tickets in next draws) up to 50 weeks into the future. To view the costs, see under Total Cost. 6 lotto numbers along with an extra number will now be randomly generated for each line.

You will now arrive at the Thank You/Ticket Confirmation page.

To view the lotto coupons, just click on View my tickets.


Click over More Ways to Play. On a new page you will see displayed ‘Extend Current Play’. Move past that to: WHEELED TICKETS.

Enter 7 of your own lotto numbers and 1 bonus ball. Set the pull-down menu to 1 week and you will notice that it changes into a 7 line lotto system.

This now covers most of the numbers in diverse mathematical combinations so as to enhance the chances of winning your game with fewer coupons. It thus lowers your playing costs.

When you add one number more (8 numbers), you will see the system making 28 lotto lines. By adding another number (9 numbers), the system gives you 84 lotto lines.

Just toggle the pull-down menu between 1-2 weeks if the page fails in recalculating automatically.

If your mind is not made up on the system, then do not click on Play. Click only after you choose the right balls and weeks as no changes will be possible afterwards. To visit MyPlusLotto just Click here.