Various lotteries that also include many state lotteries will try to tempt you with several offers to entice you to play many games with them. Some will tempt you with a lottery number checker while others will offer free lottery winning systems while still others will offer free games initially to lure you into their site.

Unfortunately state lotteries also have a vice-like monopoly on each player as they dole out tiny prizes and give back less money to the winning players. As the government simply is the owner and controller of such lotteries, players have to put up with their monopoly and take home smaller winning amounts.

You can still win that smaller amount provided you are the only winner. But if others too have guessed the same numbers then the amount would be too miniscule to even calculate joyfully. So, you could simply end up with money that would hardly help you to purchase a Fiat Punto instead of leading a long and comfortable life that you dreamed about. Most state lotteries are simply ruled out as they only dole out pitifully small winnings that do not encourage long-term betting.

Online lotto is the easiest way to enjoy lotto right from home itself. There are several lotteries that will beckon you to their sites but most foreign lotteries will insist that you only play through a third party. Your winnings will first be deposited in someone else’s account before being transferred to your own account.

You are supposed to trust the middleman to send your winnings to you but if you win over 20 million EUROS can you really say if that person will transfer the money in your account or simply disappear with your own money?

In fairy tales people might be very honest but in reality you might simply watch the back of your agent as he/she vanishes with your winnings. If you had played in the USA then you would not even be allowed to complain as you would have to be an American citizen to lodge that complaint.

Many such ‘agents’ lie in wait for such players that win big prizes before simply running off with their winnings. So, avoid playing through a third party when you play with a foreign lottery.

If you thought bookmakers were a better lot then you would still be wrong. My part-time activity is to bet professionally on sports and have learnt quite a lot at My method of betting is available at and this method can result in bigger winnings or at least getting back your stakes.

All my placed bets are easily won by me and if you too want to emulate my method then you too can easily download my sports betting method at, for free. I now call most bookmakers by the name of “circus bookmakers” and “pay-in-only bookmakers” since they exist mainly to cheat players out of their winnings. Sportingbet, which has been awarded “Bookmaker of the Year”, allows me only 2 Euro bets. Olybet only allows me 3 Euro bets at any given time. Many bookmakers simply need to put a sign up at their site mentioning “Only Losers are Welcome here”.

There are again, some bookmakers out there that only believe in cheating players. Bets4all did not even pay me my valid winnings. Internet1X2 too did the same. Vierklee along with Oddsring and Play it, among several other bookies simply observed me winning and when I started winning big time, just cancelled all of my winning bets by referring to their “fine print” hidden in their contracts, which every player has to sign before betting.

But if you are a sports lover that bets regularly on sports via bookmakers, then click here to get the names of the best bookmakers. But be aware that once you start to win big, 90% of the bookmakers will simply try to plug your winnings by adopting different methods.

I am unfortunately very wary of trusting any bookmaker and I cannot allow them to become my agent if I ever do win the 20 million EURO jackpot.

You should certainly play only directly at any lottery website and not be dependant on any agent or middleman. The prizes at such lotteries should be humongous and the lottery company should be ethical and reputed. The jackpot has to be fully guaranteed. I have searched high and low throughout the virtual lottery market and can safely conclude by saying that MyPlusLotto is surely among the very best among all the lotteries out there.   

You do not need to worry about receiving your prize money as Lloyd’s of London has insured the jackpot and the guaranteed 20 million EURO prize is surely yours if you win. So, even if another lucky winner does win the jackpot in the recent past or even in the week before, you will still receive your prize money without any problem.

MyPlusLotto is controlled by the government and owned by The International Lottery in Liechtenstein Foundation, which is a charity foundation. A significant part from each ticket along with any profit made by the foundation is donated to the Red Cross. This fact warms up my heart as I know that for every line that I bet on, part of that money is used for helping people in need and thus saving lives.

The money given by members or players is deposited in a separate account inside the Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG

Switzerland and Liechtenstein have many common features such as common currency, post, customs and other features too. They also have common banking laws. This ensures complete secrecy from banks in Liechtenstein while also assuring you of the best possible service. Your money is totally secured in the bank and you will also receive valuable advice in multiplying your investments with smart tips.

Playing through the Internet is so easy and multiple modes of paying for your games are available that includes paying via credit card. Prizes start even if you get 3 balls right and you are sure to win big money with further correct guesses. 60% of your money comes back to you as winnings, which is certainly better than most lottos that instead keep that 60% only for themselves.

A prize for every 6th ticket should spur you to play because even by correctly guessing 2 balls you easily win a free ticket for the next draw. The jackpot is also tantalizingly big.

While it is certainly easy to play lotto, you can also get random lines generated by the computer to play up to 50 weeks in advance. Now, you no longer have to fill forms by hand and can play the lotto system too.

I have won many a prize in the past. The good part is that the prize drawings can be witnessed online on a real-time basis at their website. You can also check them later as all the results are stored for further viewing. When you win big prizes, you will be informed via email. Your account will also receive the winnings with an automatic transfer.

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