The Internet enables you to play MyPlusLotto at the click of a button. Simply guess correctly each ball of the 6 balls along with the extra number and take home the guaranteed minimum jackpot prize of 20 million Euros. The entire jakpot will be yours even if the prize has been previously claimed in the week before as Lloyds has insured it.

As 60% of the money is returned back to players as winnings, when compared to other lottos, this means 50% extra as prizes are given back to  players playing MyPlusLotto.

As one line costs only 3 EUROS and the fact that you can play 50 weeks into the future, this lotto is surely one of the very best.

Compared to any other national lottery or any  lotto where you could get to play 5 or 10 weeks  ahead and for a maximum guaranteed prize of 1 million Euros, again only if you were the sole winner, then MyPlusLotto is the only lotto that can actually make your dreams come true.

An added advantage is that MyPlusLotto, donates its profits to the Red Cross since it is owned by a charitable foundation. So, when you play lotto, you also end up making a much-needed contribution towards the Red Cross.

20 million Euros and above is what I call the perfect lotto prize. By winning with a full line you can turn extremely rich and kiss your financial worries away. MyPlusLotto is surely one of the best lottos around and players from around the world prefer to play lotto here.

The winners at lotto are chosen randomly and if you want to win, all you have to do is to play.

So, simply give your luck a chance to win and go home with 20 million Euros.

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