You will get a confirmation of play through email and win watch too.

On winning a game, you will receive the following email:

Subject: You are a Lotto Winner!

The details on the number of balls correctly chosen and the amount you have won will also be mentioned. Every Friday at 15:30 hours, live draws can be breathlessly witnessed on your computer or you can also see the video later on with just a click of your mouse. If, for any reason, you are unable to watch the draw, do not worry. You will still receive an email and if you have won any money then it will automatically be deposited in your account.

The best part is that even 6 balls can lead you to the 2nd prize of 2 million Euros. You can now enjoy a comfortable life and with help from the bank, you can now invest your prize money safely. And we are only talking about the second prize…

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