MyPlusLotto will also allow you to donate money to the Red Cross whenever you want easily from your lotto account. Another way could be to just play some more lines.

Times like Christmas is when I usually make my donations. Remember that no amount is small when you donate since even a few dollars could make a big difference between life and death in areas where the Red Cross operates.

I like to play one line per week so as to give luck a chance to win. If the jackpot rises to above 20 million Euros then I always boost my chances of winning by playing a few more lines. It is the same if the Red Cross is involved in tackling big catastrophes or during Christmas. I get some satisfaction in knowing that the profits have gone into the right hands of the Red Cross.

If you want to donate money to the Red Cross:

First, Click on Account.

Click on Make a Donation.

Feed in the desired amount.

Finally, click on Donate.

You will now see the message:

Thank you for your donation to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

This indicates that your money has been transferred to the Red Cross.

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